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Any insight-driven strategy starts with monitoring what is already being said about you by your customers. With Online Review Monitoring service you can track all of your hotel reviews across more than 70+ major review sites in one simple dashboard. Read and respond to reviews from TripAdvisor,, Orbitz, Google+, Travelocity, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and more…


Improve your online reputation, ratings, and rankings by increasing review volume while collecting guest feedback through a powerful custom-built survey, designed specifically to generate actionable data that is relevant to your location(s). Analyze online reviews and survey data all in one place. Our survey system allows guests to post a review on the world’s largest travel website from within the survey, significantly increasing the number of positive reviews for your location(s).

Fully branded surveys dynamically show in the correct language and even adjust the questions delivered based on the guest type or other parameters. Additional information about customers can also be appended to the personalized survey invitations for superior analytics and reporting.


Collecting data is only useful if you can easily interpret it. Our platform is custom built to suit your needs and to only show you what you want to see. It can take multiple data sources and combine data sets that share unique identifiers to uncover previously unavailable relationships. Simple or complex dashboards then instantly identify areas of success and areas for improvement in departments throughout your business. It’s infinitely scalable and can combine all of the modules featured on this website into one powerful business intelligence system.

This intelligent system does not need to replace any existing systems. Instead, it puts an end to siloed data and empowers your departments with centralized information and reporting.


Designed specifically for vacation clubs, this platform offers the most advanced approach to improving sales center performance available on the market today. From tablet-based real-time feedback after sales presentations to the world’s first and only 100% Guaranteed Buy Back Program – the ultimate sales closing tool.


Custom created culture and training programs that uniquely bring together Employee Engagement with Customer Satisfaction for an unprecedented impact on employee satisfaction and retention, customer satisfaction and brand reputation – and ultimately revenue.​

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