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Zaffre offers a Turn-Key operation of Club Services founded on our 6 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS. With over 40 years of experience, Zaffre's Associates extend their expertise to Hotel Developers, the tools, and methods to grow exponentially. We accomplish this through the design and implementation of a one-of-a-kind, tailored Traveler Loyalty Club that suits the Developer's distinctive needs. Specializing in high-end, unique, and exclusive customer services, Zaffre generates for the Developer augmented profits, greater hotel occupancy, and increasingly satisfied clients. 


"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans."

 - Peter F. Drucker. 

The Developer´s Commitment is a requirement that brings together the key areas vital to the overall success of Zaffre's ability to accomplish its business objectives. It confirms the principles that will enable clients to receive better value from the services provided and exceed current industry practices. It creates a collaborative bond between the Hotel and Club that assures a more efficient and effective operation for Success.  

The Developer and Zaffre work together to establish the culture that every manager and every department performs in this Brave New World of Social Media. This newly developed culture is the center stage for the Hotel and Club to thrive together in perfect business harmony. 


Conceptualization, design, ideas, processes, techniques, all integrated with the invaluable collaboration of Marese Law firm.  We ensure that the legal, fiscal, and end product meet the developer's most ambitious standards.

- Don Eastvold, Zaffre Partner.

Product Development is the overall process of customizing our existing idea database to the developer's specific needs; tailoring a strategy and concept unique to your vision of success.


With deep knowledge and immense industry expertise, research, and testing of different products, rigorous understanding of customer insights, all combined into creating processes and techniques that give you the certainty of a viable product that consummates in profitable growth. 


By diagnosing the developer's needs with efficiency and effectiveness using our analytical tools, Zaffre reshapes and increases the value of your product.


We design the product with a multidisciplinary approach to consolidate team effort, integrating and improving the elements that you already have by strategically implementing them more efficiently.


Using service-oriented marketing programs to generate a greater number of qualified hotel guests for the Club Presentation. 

To guarantee the success of the sales team, marketing plays a crucial role in laying the foundation from which to build.  Using Zaffre's distinctive, four marketing tools, we can ensure open-minded, qualified guests for the Club Presentation.

1. Personal Concierge Program (PCP). Personalized services that increase Guest Satisfaction and a greater number of clients for the Club Presentation.  

2. Training Platform.  On-going training within the needed training facilities assures a successful implementation of a constantly improving marketing strategy. 

3. Butler / Concierge Stations.  Service is the #1 priority, which requires service stations strategically accessible for hotel guests.  Zaffre provides the know-how to establish these service stations as a reality throughout the resort.

4. Service Software that enables ButlersConcierges to provide guests with a personalized vacation experience and a service-oriented invitation to attend a club presentation. 


"We are selling dreams. We are merchants of happiness."

- Bernard Loiseau.

Having an exceptional, impressive, unique, viable, and tangible product grants Zaffre the opportunity to focus on getting creative with the selling process.  


With our commitment to continuous improvement, we are constantly monitoring the latest research and development (R&D) and new technology, which we combine with the Zaffre Training Program to enhance the skills and performance of the sales team.


We bring forth a sales team that applies responsibility, enthusiasm, persistence, resilience and confidence into what they do best… Generate profits for the developer.

Zaffre utilizes only the most honest and ethical strategies for selling the Club Product.  Overly aggressive and antiquated "Timesharistic" methods are not part of the Zaffre menu when creating the overall Club Operation.

Customer Services


Success is a satisfied member promoting the Hotel Loyalty program with family and friends.

Now that we created an exceptional product, marketed with the finest approach to the customer who has purchased a first-class, deluxe product, it is Zaffre's Travel Service Center´s responsibility to exceed the traveler's expectations after purchase. 


It is of the utmost importance that the Travel Service Center is provided the tools and means to guarantee they can exceed the most demanding expectations of all our loyal travelers.  


Promptness, politeness, professionalism and personalization, all the characteristics of Zaffre´s service extended to our travelers. 

Social Media


Creating a Pro-active Social Media Culture throughout the Hotel and Club Organization.

Twitter, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube have made every business vulnerable to instant worldwide scrutiny. Zaffre positions your Hotel and Club with a Pro-active social media culture. We implement programs that train all departments on the cause and effect of Social Media and how every individual plays a role in the success of the Developer.  Zaffre will establish a Rewards Program for all departments not only for production but also for generating positive comments and content on the Club's social media sites.

Zaffre provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise and a proactive approach to manage the Club's internet reputation. In this ever-accelerating technological era, success for both the Hotel and Club depends on a strong and positive social media foundation. Zaffre complements these efforts by combining them with the design and creation of campaigns and content that are a proven value to modern-day travelers. 

Zaffre offers to each of its hotel developers a professional analysis of the hotel's marketing sales strategy around the world.  We offer not only recommendations but also solutions on how to enhance your presence in all viable markets, which will provide your hotel higher year-around occupancy levels, a higher Average Daily Rate (ADR) and the subsequent benefit of greater sales of hotel incidental products and services.   


Our primary overview is focused on the creation of a strategic plan that assures the consistency and the integrity of your rates and the pricing of your incidental services offered at your hotel.  Our overview will not only provide you solutions in the World of OTAs (Expedia, Priceline, and etc.) but also your very own SEM campaign to enhance your Direct Bookings that will surpass all other Sources of Business. We complement these Wholesaler Solutions with the Sources of Business generated by your in-house Loyalty Club; 1.) Returning Club Members and their Guests, 2.) “Fly & Buy” clientele to increase Club sales and 3.) The over 7 million Timeshare Owners available through the Worldwide Exchange companies.   


Our secondary overview goes hand-in-hand with your hotel’s marketing campaign and lays the foundation for a successful Loyalty Club.  Zaffre will create for you a strategic plan on how to best position your hotel services, room types, and amenities with each type of client from each market. Not only will we work with your existing services, amenities, and room types but we will provide you “cost-effective” recommendations for enhancing your bottom line profit now and in the future.  


Zaffre realizes that every element of your organization plays a crucial role in the overall success of your hotel.  It is our goal to assure that these elements work together as a well-tuned machine efficiently and profitably.

Creating Club and Hotel Synergies that increase both profitibility and guest satisfaction.



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