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Concierge Stations

The more strategically placed Concierge Stations for service and marketing, the higher your marketing penetration and customer satisfaction will be. We recommend 1 for every 40 keys.

Occupancy by Market

Each marketplace provides a different level of client viability for selling a Loyalty Travel Program.

Cash Flow

The cash flow requirement of a developer has a direct effect on the average sale and bottom line profit margin. Each client has an available amount of discretionary cash. It can either be applied toward a small cash sale or as the down payment on a large sale.

Developer Commitment

Sales and member satisfaction are directly related to the commitment of the developer. A 100% committed developer will build out a full sales center with all the required areas for members, marketing, and administration.

A 50% committed developer will provide a restaurant or bar area to use for club sales offering no sense of permanency or credibility.

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